Case Studies


Center for Vein Restoration (CVR) is a group of private medical clinics in Virginia, Maryland, Washington, DC, New York and Michigan USA treating varicose veins and spider veins – conditions that affect more than 30 million Americans. Launched in 2006, the company has expanded quickly to more than 20 locations, but until spring 2011 had no marketing or advertising team in place -- or any message platform or strategy for outreach. The organisation needed to catch up with and surpass competitors, who already were aggressively advertising, as well as develop both a cogent message and creative platform on which to move forward across multiple channels: print, shopping centre, radio, direct and more.

The client needed to establish a clear brand with a unified look-and-feel that was relevant and compelling to consumers and two referring physicians, its two primary sources of new patients. Top needs were to build brand awareness, differentiate CVR from its competition; communicate consumer benefits; drive traffic to its clinics and set the stage for opening new locations. Additionally, because CVR provides all elective care, the programme needed to marry the sensitivity and educational components of a trusted healthcare organisation with the punchy, engaging style common to sectors like retail that depend on walk-in trade and referrals.



The major challenges were a lack of internal resources or any pre-existing infrastructure with which to execute a programme. The entire effort would have be deployed as it was built with a small focused team and limited budget.


Hart Communications helped CVR build a solid message framework build on three core pillars essential to the company, based on three types of patients and the varying severity of their symptoms: appearance, wellness and performance. This would translate into "look better," "feel better" and "live better. “ We then provided consulting and content services to help develop a full suite of updated marketing materials including: (new website, print ad campaign, shopping centre advertising, radio ads, direct marketing, sales, recruitment marketing and physician newsletter.)



CVR is poised for continued growth, armed with a family of cohesive materials and marketing vehicles telling a cohesive, compelling story that consumers and physicians can find interesting and credible. Creatively and strategically, the program is already a dramatic departure from previous efforts and is recognizably unique and different from competitors. CVR also was recognized with marketing-industry awards for the updated website and recruitment marketing campaign.